About Us

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. My name's Meghan. 

HighTree was founded by my partner and I in 2018 around when cannabis was approaching legalization in Canada. It all started with creating a lockable wooden stash box to store your accessories and included 4 glass jars to showcase your different strains of cannabis. The goal was to provide an elegant, organized, quality, and affordable way to store your bud and accessories along with an added safety measure of a built-in combination lock.

We started out by ordering 100 units and at first, that sounded like a TON of product to me. I worried it was too much. To my surprise it quickly took off and what was our side hustle turned into my full-time job.

Neither of us had any background in business so we absorbed as much knowledge as we possibly could using books, podcasts, Google, YouTube, and a few online courses.

Fast forward two years later and we have a whole product line, sold thousands of products worldwide, wholesaled to various dispensaries across the country and even hit Amazon's Best Sellers lists.

We are still currently a two-man show working out of our apartment and storage locker in Victoria, BC. We do it all from designing & importing product, quality control, packaging orders, sending shipments to our fulfillment center, managing social media, customer service, product photography & videography, website design, accounting, you name it.

Our goal is to always be improving on our brand, get HighTree into even more dispensaries, keep expanding our product line, all while maintaining quality and excellent customer service.

To be able to work from home, especially during these strange times, is an absolute blessing and we wouldn't've been able to do it without you. We are appreciative of every single order that comes through and thank you for taking the time to read up about us.