Boveda 4 Gram 62% RH - 10 PACK
Boveda 4 Gram 62% RH individually packaged
Boveda 4 Gram 62% RH - 10 PACK
Boveda 4 Gram 62% RH - 10 PACK
Boveda 4 Gram 62% RH individually packaged
Boveda 4 Gram 62% RH - 10 PACK

Boveda 4 Gram 62% RH - 10 PACK

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Throw one of these in each of your stash jars to keep your stash fresh!

  • Comes in individually wrapped packages for ultimate freshness
  • Packs are flexible to hug side of jar to maximize storage space
  • Supports up to 1/2 oz. (14g) of herb
  • Dimensions: 2" x 2"
  • Once opened, Boveda will last 2-4 months in an airtight container; up to 2 weeks in a container frequently opened and closed
  • Provides stickier buds, for drier climates and higher altitudes providing maximum moisture content
  • Boveda is to be replaced when packet starts turning hard

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Stash Box Lock Setup:

  1. Set to current code (Default Code 0-0-0)
  2. Open lock by pressing latch to the RIGHT then release latch
  3. Hold the latch to the LEFT
  4. While continuing to hold latch to the LEFT, set new desired code
  5. When you have entered new desired code release latch to neutral position
  6. New code has been set

Stash Bag Lock Setup:

  1. Set lock to current code (Default Code 0-0-0)
  2. Open lock by pressing latch to the LEFT then release latch
  3. Press down circular pin on top of lock with pen or other object
  4. Pin will click and stay depressed
  5. Lock is now in program mode
  6. Enter new code
  7. When new code is entered press latch to the right (for grey bag) or left (for green bag)
  8. The circular pin will pop back up and the new code is set 


Priming your Strain Stylos for first use:

  1. Wet tip with water.
  2. Shake pen to mix ink.
  3. Press and hold the pen foam tip down on a surface for approximately 20 seconds or until ink saturates tip.
  4. Press and hold the foam tip down for 20 seconds on a surface and you should start to see the ink fill the foam tip. (The foam tip will retract inside the pen approx 1/4") 
  5. Repeatedly press and release the foam tip on a surface to add more ink
  6. The white foam tip should now be the colour of the liquid ink and is now ready to write on surfaces
  7. Occasionally shake and press the pen foam tip repeatedly to saturate the pen foam tip
  8. If the ink ever gets dried out you can add a little bit of water to the pen foam tip to help get the ink flowing again

Label and color code your stash with the Industry Standard Colors:
Purple - Indica
Orange - Sativa
Green - Hybrid

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